Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Party Bus?

Prices vary based on different factors such as time of day, the size, time of year. For a free and up to date quote please contact us. 

For What Events can the Party Buses be Hired For?

A party bus rental can be hired for just about any event. Some of the common events include: weddings, concerts, Quinceaneras, sweet 16's, sporting events, funerals, winery trips, brewery tours, birthdays, dinners, corporate meetings, and so on. Note: Party Bus Rental CA does NOT do any airport services. 

Can I Drink in the Party Bus Rental?

Yes! Drinking is allowed as long as all passengers are over 21.

Can I Smoke in Any of the Vehicles?

No, all our vehicles are non-smoking. This includes vaping and e-cigs. 

Are Children Allowed in the Party Busses?

Yes, children are allowed in our limos and party buses. 

How Far in Advance Should I Book My Service?

All our rentals are based on a first come first serve basis. We recommend reserving with as much notice as possible. Weddings typically book months in advance.

What is the Minimum Hours Needed for a Rental?

Minimums all vary based on different factors. Please contact us for quotes and minimums.

What Payment Methods are Accepted?

We accept cash,  Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, Cash App, Venmo

How Much Should I Tip the Driver?

We add a minimum 15% gratuity to all rentals. Any additional tip would be to your discretion and paid directly to you driver.

Is Party Bus Rental CA Fully Licensed and Insured?

Party Bus Rental CA is fully licensed and insured. All of our party buses are inspected and passed annually by the California Highway Patrol.

What is the Deposit for Rentals?

Deposit amounts vary from $100-$500. Please contact us for your free quote and deposit amount.

When is Payment Due?

Payment is due at the very start of service in cash. Rentals will not commence until the balance has been paid for.

Do you Have a Lost and Found?

Yes! We have a lost and found at our office.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Deposit are non refundable in the event of a cancellation. For cancellations that occur with less than 48 hours of the rental start time, the full balance of the rental is still due. 

What if I Can't Find My Chauffeur?

Chauffeurs will provide you their business card with their direct contact information. If you cannot locate them directly, feel free to call our office.

What Happens if we Need to Go Over our Allotted Time?

We do provide a 15 mins grace period. Anything beyond that will have an additional hour charge (base rate + gratuity).

Do you Offer Same Day Services?

If our schedule permits, we do offer same day service. However, that is rarely the case, we highly recommend you book in advance.  Please feel free to call and we can see what we can do. 

What Safety Measures are Being Taken from COVID?

All of our vehicles are cleaned before every rental with medical grade disinfectant. All of our chauffeurs are vaccinated, by choice and temp checks are done before every shift. Our drivers do use face covering. There is a partition between the driver and passenger area on all of our vehicles, and because of this, we leave wearing face covering to your discretion. 

Is Alcohol Provided?

We do not provide alcohol. But you are welcome to bring any alcohol drinks with you on board. If over 21. 

What Happens if I Vomit in the Party Bus?

On the very rare occasion, this happens, there will be a fee of $350. As we would have to get the complete vehicle disinfected by a third party.

What Happens if Someone in my Party Breaks Something?

You are responsible if anything is broken or damaged in any of the vehicles and will be charged accordingly.